Kia's Smart Blind-Spot Detection System is the Next Big Thing

The automotive industry is constantly evolving and bringing in new technologies that help make driving more immersive and safer. Kia is helping to lead this revolution by creating new technology that works to make your driving experience special.

One of the new technologies that Kia has introduced is their Smart Blind-Spot Detection system that takes the usefulness of blind-spot detection to a whole new level. This new system gives you an extra peace of mind. With this new technology your Kia is able to apply the brakes to the appropriate front wheel if you are changing lanes and are going to hit another car and help steer your car back into the safe path. This will help drivers be more attentive, but also help make sure nothing bad happens if you do not notice the blind-spot warning.

With the amount of work Kia is doing to make their vehicles safer through new and innovative technology, a new Kia is a great choice for your next car. Come on over to Jenkins Kia of Ocala in Ocala, FL, where our staff is more than happy to help you learn more about this technology and more during your search for a new car.

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