Staying Safe After Irma

Number one, we hope that everyone is safe and sound after the storm passed through Ocala, FL. We are sure everyone is as eager as we are to get back to the rhythm of everyday life, there are a many things we need to think about in times like these.

Marion County has been working hard to get things back in order and the public school are currently still planning on reopening tomorrow. As we move throughout the city and county over the next few days we need to be careful of standing water, debris, and downed electrical lines in our paths.

We also hope that everyone could protect their vehicles during the storm and didn't sustain any damage. If your vehicle was damaged during the storm make sure to contact your insurance provider as soon as possible.

Although, vehicle damage is sometimes impossible to avoid. If your vehicle has sustained damage, schedule a time for our expert mechanics at our service center to inspect your Kia vehicle.

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