Which Kia SUV is the Largest?

One of the first questions were asked by seasoned travelers checking out new Kia SUVs here in Ocala, FL is a variation on a theme. "Which Kia SUV is the biggest?" usually gives way to "how many seats does the new Kia Sorento have?" or "how much can the new Kia Sportage tow?" and so on. We certainly understand. After all, you've got plenty of choices. However, it all comes down to your needs, and they can differ with what you're hauling, whether that's a boatload of kids and school and summer camp gear or a trailerful with a boat, towable RV or camper, pop-up tent or another weekend toy. That means that the best way to answer the question "which Kia SUV is right for me?" is to compare each new model.

The direct answer to the first question? The new Kia Sorento, a mid-size SUV that seats seven in a capacious cabin measuring 154.2 cubic feet. Up to 73.0 of that's set aside for cargo -- ample for luggage, sleeping bags, tents, poles, stakes, a small stove, and other essential camping equipment to define any getaway. Sorento can even lug anywhere from 2,000 pounds to up to 3,500 in front-wheel drive, depending on trim, rocketing up to 5,000 pounds when equipped with optional Dynamax Full-Time All-Wheel Drive (AWD). The latter means the capacity for anything from the family's fishing boat to a pair of jet skis for you and the gang, or even a second vehicle (you might be hearing, "dad, can we bring the ATV?").

Looking for less muscle but capability that's just as reliable? Consider the new Kia Sportage compact SUV, with seating for five in an interior sprawling at 129.3 cubic feet, up to 60.1 of which is for gear, with an under-floor storage compartment and cargo light in the mix for managing it. Factor in an up-to-2,000-pound towing capacity when outfitted with the right trailer braking equipment, and you'll find you have more than enough room for both a weekend warrior's pursuits and ferrying everyone between intramural sports, music lessons, and checking in at grandma's house for spring break.

Not planning to tow? Still need space for everything from the daily commute to that few hours of retail therapy or cabin-in-the-woods "me-time?" You have two choices.

For one, a five-passenger compact crossover like the new Kia Soul. If offers anywhere from 96.8 cubic feet to 101 for you and your riders, depending on whether you want that sweet optional panoramic sunroof for the outing. It can take on approximately 49.5 to 61.3 cubic feet of swag, too -- just lift the floor hatch in the hold, and you'll see the conveniently hidden cargo under-tray; you can even keep it private with a cargo cover in select trims. The other option is the new Kia Niro hybrid, with seating for five and similarly sized, offering 100.9 cubic feet or so for you and the crew and up to 54.5 cubic feet with under-floor storage for bookbags, band instruments, groceries, and candy-sales stock aplenty.

But comparing a few specs is one thing. Want to see what you can load up? Give our Kia dealership here in Ocala a call at (352) 414-4546 or pay us a visit here at 2305 SW College Road in town, and we'll help you decide which new SUV in the Kia lineup is in it for your long haul.

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