What Kia Models Have Apple CarPlay?

We know that there is an emphasis on safety these days, and where the new Kia model lineup, you know you're going to have your pick of driver assist features. One thing some people forget about is their smartphone, and since it's not safe to use your smart device while driving, having access to Apple CarPlay™ is important. This feature lets Ocala drivers access your phone to make calls without taking your eyes off the road.


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Which Kia SUV is the Largest?

One of the first questions were asked by seasoned travelers checking out new Kia SUVs here in Ocala, FL is a variation on a theme. "Which Kia SUV is the biggest?" usually gives way to "how many seats does the new Kia Sorento have?" or "how much can the new Kia Sportage tow?" and so on. We certainly understand. After all, you've got plenty of choices. However, it all comes down to your needs, and they can differ with what you're hauling, whether that's a boatload of kids and school and summer camp gear or a trailerful…

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Which Kia Vehicles Have All-Wheel Drive?

You've checked out every new Kia vehicle on the lot here in Ocala, FL, from our sedan and hatchback offerings to SUVs and vans, even taking a look at a model or two in our used car and truck lineup. You've seen every term from "front- or two-wheel drive" and "rear-wheel drive" to "all-wheel drive," too, and you probably know each describes a drivetrain, your vehicle's power transmission system. But you've also likely wondered "what's the actual difference between FWD, RWD, and AWD?" Let the pros here at Jenkins Kia of Ocala keep it simple…

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UVO Offers More than Smartphone Integration on Kia Vehicles


Here at Jenkins Kia of Ocala, we often talk about UVO when it comes to technology onboard the new Kia lineup here in our showroom. Many people know it as a way to connect their smartphones up to the central touch display screens and enjoy calls, texts and more. You can certainly do that, but UVO offers a lot more, and we want you to be able to utilize all the features so you have the best driving experience possible.


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Kia Drive Wise Provides Ocala With Plenty of Safety

When it comes to our new Kia lineup, drivers can all be confident that they're going to have plenty of safety watching out for them. With Kia Drive Wise, available across our lineup here at Jenkins Kia of Ocala, as it offers a suite of safety technology that is going to provide you with plenty of confidence.


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2018 Kia Sorento Offers Standout SUV Experience

Here at Jenkins Kia of Ocala, drivers who are seeking a standout SUV with ample room and seating can take a close look at the 2018 Kia Sorento. It provides lots of quality, features and fun, and when you stop in to take a closer look, we're sure you'll see exactly what we mean!


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2018 Kia Optima Offers Ocala Options


Here at Jenkins Kia of Ocala, the 2018 Optima has been making quite the impression since its arrival, and the Optima as a vehicle has been doing the same for many years. The sedan offers a quality riding experience, with standout style and technology, and even an option for those who want the ultimate efficiency.


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Kia Sorento: Spacious Style

Driving a family-oriented vehicle never has to mean driving some awkward clunker when you choose the Kia Sorento. Kia engineers are firm believers in the notion that multi-passenger vehicles can be fun to drive and stunning to look at. In fact, Sorento is such a great package, that cross-country trip you've always wanted to take might be on the calendar after all.

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Staying Safe After Irma

Number one, we hope that everyone is safe and sound after the storm passed through Ocala, FL. We are sure everyone is as eager as we are to get back to the rhythm of everyday life, there are a many things we need to think about in times like these.

Marion County has been working hard to get things back in order and the public school are currently still planning on reopening tomorrow. As we move throughout the city and county over the next few days we need to be careful of standing water, debris, and downed electrical lines in…

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